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Feb 22, 2006

At the farthest western edge of Spain, where it meets the sea and looks to the setting sun over the Atlantic this desolate landscape is formed by the constant wind and waves. It is a harsh land, this tip of Galicia, where the most valued natural resource is the sea. And on this westernmost point, Finisterre, also known as the coast of death because of a long history of shipwrecks, perches one of the most moving pieces of modern architecture, a cemetery for sailors and fishermen, by architect Cesar Portela. Through May 1, 2006, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York there is a new exhibit of modern Spanish architecture. For more information, visit And visit

over nine years ago

Every time you look at a dress at display that makes you go ‘ooh’ and ‘aah cheap bridesmaid dresses,’ you need to remind your self to diet plan and lose weight in order to not let it pass the next time you see some thing like that. Didn’t your frustration lad you to wonder if there were any flattering dress styles available which genuinely created you look gorgeous with out having to get in shape. Thankfully for all of us who don’t have the best 10 figures, you will find rather some choices for dresses that flatter our less-than-perfect figures and hide our difficulty areas. Here are some of the finest choices:

1. Ruched Dress Styles: Dresses which are ruched at the neckline and permit for a cinched waistline help in concealing heavy breasts and bulging tummies and look very classy also.

2. Jackets: Pair tiny jackets with your dresses to hide a heavy bust. Select jackets that go well with your dress. Pick out a patterned jacket with a solid colored dress and a solid colored jacket for a patterned dress.

3. Animal Prints: You are able to follow the fashion trends and look excellent by picking animal prints. The confusing patterns are in vogue and also take away the attention from all your difficulty areas.

4. Jeans: Opt for a pair of jeans that complements your body shape and you might never want to think twice to choose what to wear. Opt for from classic and relaxed styles in dark monochromatic colors to locate your ideal fit and stick to it.

5. Pleats: Just like ruched dresses cocktail dresses, pleats in dresses and tops can hide a bulging tummy. Should you be heavy on the upper side go in for these styles and pair with capris or pants that accentuate your slim lower body.

6. Empire Waist Line: Empire waists are a boon for all body shape challenges beginning from the tummy. If you are in have to have for a formal dress for a wedding or prom, select gowns or dresses with an empire waist. Even for everyday use, you will discover smart, trendy tops with empire waists.

7. Shirred Waists: A different terrific look like ruching and pleats is the shirred look. Light shirring at the waist will take attention to the slimmest component of your body and take away attention from problem areas.

8. Wrap-Style Tops: For virtually all upper body troubles, go in for wrap tops. You are going to look trendy also as slimmer.

9. Three-Fourth Length Sleeves: Tops and dresses with three-fourth length sleeves will make your arms plus the entire upper body slimmer.

10. Flowing Fabrics: Flowing fabrics for instance charmeuse, lace prom gowns, satin, silk etc. are extremely forgiving and hide all your lower body flaws depending upon the waistline you choose. Go for 1 of these fabrics for occasion and wedding wear.

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Congratulations! I have been there. I agree. When will we hear you talking about Portuguese architecture?

Greetings from Portugal.

Ted Wells
over thirteen years ago

I an a big fan of Portuguese design -- Antonio, do you have suggestions for me?

Thank you for listening.

over thirteen years ago

What\\\'s the difference between spanish and portuguese design ?

thirteen and a half years ago

Thank you for this, and every one of your podcasts! They are the most informative and interesting design casts out there. I have visited this work by Cesar Portella...amazing. One thing that struck me was that each pod is situated so that when standing inside (small standing platform for visitation), the view is framed to the ocean only; one cannot see any other pod around.

Ted Wells
over thirteen years ago

Thank you for the compliment, Stacey. Your point about the positioning of the \"pods\" is astute, and an important part of Portela\'s design. You are fortunate to have visited this cemetery. It is a powerful and remarkable place. Thanks for listening. Any suggestions you have for future podcasts, please pass them my way.

over thirteen years ago

Congratulations! I have been there. I agree. When will we hear you talking about Portuguese architecture?

Greetings from Portugal.