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Nov 9, 2005

Every few months I hear Brad Pitt talking about his love of architecture, and this week it appears he's in the thick of it. He's been blasted by residents of a British seaside town for a controversial design project he's worked on -- before construction has even begun. And on the same day, I saw a study finding that architects have been voted the sexiest male professionals, in a survey of women's ideal partners. Coincidence? ... The photo is of Brad Pitt intently using a glue gun on a design model as Frank Gehry beams at the camera.

almost twelve years ago

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Mark Waldo
sixteen and a half years ago

This entire series of podcasts by Ted Wells is an amazing find. This particular podcast on Brad Pitt is amazing if only because Wells never makes fun of Brad Pitt. Architects are sneering at Pitt for working with Gehry. Architects are laughing at someone who doesn’t have formal training like Pitt having so much to say about architecture. But who are they (“we? actually, since I am months away from licensing)? Wells doesn’t say anything about how architects think of Pitt. Instead he celebrates that the guy is so interested in the field. Wells also uses Pitt to make some very astute comments about the profession. This podcast could easily have been a trite comedic rip of Pitt but Wells takes it as an opportunity to present a really mature and smart essay.

Ted Wells
almost sixteen years ago

Mark, what a great comment. I appreciate it. And I really appreciate you listening, thoughfully, to the podcasts.