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Dec 11, 2005

Some architects depend on computer rendering and much of their reputation is built on computer imagery -- but when was the last time you saw a building in real life that looked better than the rendering? In the computer images, buildings are often depicted at night, with the translucent walls aglow, offering glimpses of life inside. Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind, and Rem Koolhaas know the power of persuasion in creating a rendering as an inspirational sales tool. But what does this mean to all of us who have to live with the buildings -- in the real world -- and face the disappointment of seeing the building built, and it's not as ethereal, as glowing, as interesting as it was presented to us in the rendering? The answer might be found in a winking Jesus. Pictured is the rendering and reality views of the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, designed by Zaha Hadid. For more inspiration, visit

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Today\\\'s rendering seems not so far from reality am i right ? With a little bit of imagination and improvements we could have photo realistic 3d environments.

Mark Waldo
sixteen and a half years ago

The ability to use CAD for architectural illustrations is saving the day in many ways but it can lie; especially about the transparency of windows, fluidity of lines or the feeling of materials. Ted Wells talks about all of this, but as usual, even though one might think that there isn’t much to learn about the topic Wells still brings light to the subject. I read the title of this and thought, “yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. I know all about it.? I’ve been drawing buildings since 1978 and have been using Sketchup and AutoCAD pretty solidly lately (this morning is dedicated to learning AutoCAD 2007’s 3D capabilities), so I know that illustrations can be misleading. But after listening to this podcast…well let’s just say I cringe when I see some of the renderings of sky scrapers that are being proposed for my Philadelphia. The windows in the 3D CAD marketing/presentation drawings are clear making the buildings seem light and feathery. RIGHT. We all know that in reality glass makes a building as light and feathery as a 1000 ton slab of onyx. Glass curtain walls reflect light and create an impenetrable shiny surface. Wells doesn’t rant like me though. This podcast is well thought out and worthwhile listening as usual. If nothing else Wells is a clear thinker so this podcast presents one way to organize your thoughts around the topic.

fifteen and a half years ago

Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind, and Rem Koolhaas know the power of persuasion in creating a rendering as an inspirational sales tool.