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Oct 29, 2005

Hilde Marshall has been interested in the arts and architecture for most of her life. Her modern house in Beverly Hills, California, was built in 1948 by the noted architect, Konrad Wachsmann. Earlier in his career he had teamed with Walter Gropius, and he also designed Albert Einstein's house in Berlin in 1929. This is the second in a series about four architects and four clients who were committed to the ideals of modern living. These clients are true patrons: generous with their praise, evangelical in their fervor to spread the spirit of Modernism, and satisfied that the rest of the world has finally caught up with their foresight.

Maria Rubinstain
eleven and a half years ago

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Nils Estrich
over fourteen years ago

Dear Hilde Marshall,

Konrad Wachsmann designed and build in 1929 his first house for my grandparents near Berlin.
The second was his Albert Einstein-house.
Now I am the owner of this wonderfull house.
Please, if you want, get in contact with me.
I would like to learn more about Wachsmann.

Nils Estrich